Hypatia Reviews Online (HRO) is the online venue for book reviews commissioned by Hypatia, A Journal of Feminist Philosophy. Our goal is to provide timely, broad coverage of feminist philosophy books and books of interest to feminist philosophers.

We publish substantive reviews of individual books, typically 1500-2500 words in length. Review essays and book symposia will continue to appear in regular issues of the journal but, after Fall 2012, Hypatia book reviews will be published online. 

Reviews are commissioned by the Hypatia Book Review Editor, and may be vetted by members of the Hypatia Editorial Board. Hypatia reviews will appear online as soon as they are accepted and copy-edited; we aim to publish all reviews within a year of the appearance of the book under review. If you are interested in reviewing for HRO, please contact the Book Review Editor.

Hypatia Book Review Co-Editors: Erin McKenna and Clara Fischer
Hypatia Book Review Managing Editor: Jane Nam

Hypatia Reviews Online is open access; all HRO reviews are available free on this website. To receive regular notices of HRO reviews as they appear, you can arrange for an e-mail subscription here

Hypatia Reviews Online publishes reviews with the permission of the contributing author. Reviews appearing in HRO may be copied for educational and scholarly use so long as credit is given to the author and HRO.

The Hypatia Book Review Editor will consider for review any new book published in feminist philosophy with the exception of anthologies of previously published material, paperback reprints, textbooks, and revised editions of previously published books. The Editor will also consider non-feminist books of interest to feminist philosophers. Please contact the Book Review Editor if you have recommendations of books for Hypatia review. Hypatia Reviews Online does not publish responses to book reviews.

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