Catherine Eschle and Bice Maiguashca
Making Feminist Sense of the Global Justice Movement
Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2010 (ISBN 978-0-7425-5592-1)
Reviewed by Katharine Schweitzer, 2013
Included in the Crossing Borders Special Issue, edited by Sally J. Scholz

Hypatia 28.2 (2013): 388-390
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Katharine Schweitzer is a PhD candidate in philosophy at Emory University, where she is writing a dissertation entitled “Principled Compromise in Theorizing about Justice.” The ideals and the practice of liberal democracy form the basis of her research, although her interests extend into bioethics and business ethics. She currently serves as the graduate student representative to the FEAST (Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory) steering committee. (