Fredrika Scarth
The Other Within: Ethics, Politics, and the Body in Simone de Beauvoir
Lanham, MD: Roman & Littlefield, 2004
Reviewed by Andrea Veltman , 2006

Hypatia 21.3 (2006): 217-221
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Andrea Veltman is an assistant professor of philosophy at James Madison University.  In addition to publishing articles on Plato, Aristotle, and Simone de Beauvoir and Hannah Arendt, she has edited Social and Political Philosophy: Classic and Contemporary Readings (2008) and co-edited Oppression and Moral Agency (Special Issue Hypatia 24:1, 2009) and Evil, Political Violence, and Forgiveness (2010) with Kathryn J. Norlock.  She is currently working on a book on meaningful work, examining work in the context of theorie sof human flourising and distributive justice.