Anita Superson
The Moral Skeptic
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009
Reviewed by Lisa Tessman , 2011

Hypatia 26.4 (2011): 883-887
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Special Issue: 2nd FEAST Special Issue: Responsibility and Identity in Global Justice


Lisa Tessman is an associate professor of philosophy and women's studies at Binghamton University, where she works in the graduate program in Social, Political, Ethical and Legal Philosophy (SPEL).  She is the author of Burdened Virtues: Virtue Ethics for Liberatory Struggles (Oxford University Press, 2005), and has recently edited a collection called Feminist Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy: Theorizing the Non-Ideal (Springer, 2009).  She is currently working on a book that focuses on the dilemmatic character of moral life.