Ann Ferguson and Mechthild Nagel (Editors)
Dancing With Iris: The Philosophy of Iris Marion Young
New York: Oxford University Press, 2009
Reviewed by Anne Donchin , 2011

Hypatia 26.4 (2011): 875-877
Available to Hypatia subscribers from Wiley-Blackwell:

Special Issue: 2nd FEAST Special Issue: Responsibility and Identity in Global Justice

Anne Donchin is emerita professor of philosophy and women's studies, Indiana University, Indianapolis.  She is associate editor of Bioethics and serves on the advisory board of the International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics.  Her research focuses on intersections between bioethics and feminist philosophy, particularly formulations of bioethical theory that recognize the centrality of marginalized social groups and innovative reproductive and genetic practices.  She is the co-editor of Embodying Bioethics: Recent Feminist Advances and Linking Visions: Feminist Bioethics, Human Rights, and Developing World and is currently completing a manuscript titled Procreation, Power, and Personal Autonomy: A Feminist Critique.