Steve Martinot
The Machinery of Whiteness: Studies in the Structure of Racialization
Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2010
Reviewed by Ann Ferguson, 2012

Hypatia 27.4 (2012): 943-945
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Ann Ferguson is an emirta professor of women's studies and philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  She has written and edited four books on ethics and feminist theory, including Sexual Democracy (Westview Press, 1991) and Dancing with Iris: The Philosophy of Iris Marion Young, co-edited with Mecke Nagel (Oxford University Press, 2009).  She is also a social activist on feminist, peace, and social justice issue,s particularly with the Western Massachusetts Feminist Aid to Central America group. (



Perhaps the central claim of Martinot's book is the view that the motivation for ongoing racism in the United States is the affective bonding with other whites that most Euro-Americans make to preserve this privilege, and the paranoia, fear, and hatred against those non-whites who threaten the racial purity of the American state.