Lisa Kemmerer (Editor)
Sister Species: Women, Animals, and Social Justice
Urbana, Chicago, and Springfield: University of Illinois Press, 2011
Reviewed by Karen S. Emmerman, 2012
Included in the Animal Others Special Issue, edited by Lori Gruen and Kari Weil

Hypatia 27.3 (2012): 670-672
Available to Hypatia subscribers from Wiley-Blackwell:

Karen S. Emmerman received her PhD in philosophy from the University of Washington in March 2012.  Her dissertation is entitled "Beyond the Basic/Nonbasic Interest Distinction: A Feminist Approach to Inter-Species Moral Conflict and Moral Repair."  She is particularly interested in how to account for the importance of humans' personal relationships and significant projects without allowing that importance to serve as a trump to animals' interests when there are conflicts. 

Sister Species’ readers will think carefully about eschewing leather only to wear shoes manufactured in sweatshop conditions or celebrating the passage of marriage equity laws by eating a steak dinner.